“Miranda’s Dress, made with a used tshirt”👗

“Miranda’s Dress, made with a used tshirt”👗


“Modeling with a beautiful smile”

     ***Life is a serious thing! and the saying goes well, the devil gives nephews to God does not give children, in this case Miranda is my neighbor and together with her sister Amanda have become an important part of my life, whenever they arrive from school they greet me with a beautiful hug, a kiss and a beautiful smile, really friends that has no price and if it reaches your heart..*** ![image.png](https://img.whaleshares.io/wls-img/carolinacardoza/82f1f2eb1b31f2c1365d9185ae2fcbd3be59e0cf.png) # ***¡How beautiful it was*** ***Today I bring you a very cuchi dress that came out of a flannel that no longer used his mother, but kept very well cared for.*** ![image.png](https://img.whaleshares.io/wls-img/carolinacardoza/fdde09d45a9f91d3e4cf8f472b70db5f3a97246c.png) – ***As you can see in the images is very practical and simple to do, just cut the neck and sleeves and also remove about 15 cm under the armhole to pick up a little area.*** – ***Then we go to the machine and pass sewing closing the edges, making the armhole and folding 4 cm in the neck to make the tunnel that is where the decorative strip is going to pass.*** * ***At the waist I placed an elastic strip, what I did was measure 22 cm from the neck to what would be the navel, I marked around the dress and with the machine I sewed a garter of 52 cm approximately.*** ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmfYgtwZbxVxzzt84E9x4GxfS1xcXExzspdC54C1gg27Ce/image.png)      ***The rest is decorative friends and as I always say there are no limits at this point, you can put everything you can think of, I put a crochet woven flower and a lace around the neck. The ribbon to make the strips is five feet long, you can make it yourself or you buy race ribbon.***      ***I can tell you that even I was surprised with the result and what makes me happiest is to remember Miranda in her new dress. I’ll tell you later and we’ll meet in the next project, bye bye.***

Children are the best gift God gives us, take good care of them with love.

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Images taken with my hyundai e501 cellular camera edited photos with powerpoint, background for pixabay photos


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