The Shit Rain Brings

The Shit Rain Brings

After three days of rain, today we finally had a sunny morning. I have been sweeping shit water for three days out of the house I live in. Cumaná is a town that was never meant to be inhabited. It is, people say, some meters below sea level (it is actually about 40 meters above, but judging by its constant innundations…) and it was destroyed a couple of times before its final settlement, hence the different names (Nueva Toledo, Nueva Córdova) and founding dates.

This is just an example of what rain can do in this town.×450.jpg Source
Univeridad de Oriente. My former working place. Entrance.

Out of self-respect and respect for my readers I do not include the really ugly pictures of our mess here, but with one more day of rain and out of desperation I may end up doing it.

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It is a pretty shitty situation we are in, literally.
The whole draining system has been collapsed for years (for those who still think that the Maduro government cannot respond to people’s emergencies because of the blockade). I have in previous posts shown pictures of our streets, how dirty and broken they are. I have also told stories of how difficult it is to get anything done when it comes to knocking at any government-run agency’s door (water, electricity, telephone, internet, you name it).

Some years ago, we were able to afford to pay some private plumbing service to do their dirty magic and unclog the pipes in the house. This raining season we are screwed big time. Hidrocaribe, the water company, does not have but one special truck to do this kind of work. One truck to serve a population of about 400,000 people, most of which living in streets that are innundated by sewage waters.

The smell and health risks this situation imposes on you are not as bad as the demoralizing effect. It reallly breaks one’s spirit to feel so destitute, so powerless, and so doubting about near solutions to our structural problems.

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