Gas Crisis in Venezuela

Gas Crisis in Venezuela

# The real price of cheap gas

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*Greetings, everyone*

*In case you have not read, heard, or watched any news about the Venezuela gas crisis, a corollary of the whole crisis allegedly caused by the American blockade but deeply rooted in decades of shameless corruption and ineptitude in the handling of the vital issues of the country, **I want to show you what it means today for an average citizen to try to fill up their car’s tank**.*

*Government officials, of course, do not have to face these kinds of inconveniences. They have their gas and everything else fully provided and guaranteed without annoying lines.*

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For decades the revolutionaries criticized how the country was handled before them, how the key productive sectors, especially the energetic one, had been handed over in a silver platter to the capitalist empires. They promised a revolution that would end our dependence from foreign powers’ money, technology, and resources. Instead, after 20 years of talking too much and doing too little, they turned us into an even more dependent and now more vulnerable country. With more than 5 million people gone, including our best professionals, with all our institutions and infrastructure in shambles, and a whole new generation of illiterate whose only referent is the *“revolución bonita,”* we are facing the most challenging crisis in Venezuelan history.

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**This line I documented was a small one by our new standards.** The average waiting time is 6 hours and increasing by the day. This line I followed yesterday went just for 11 blocks by 9 am. I have relatives who have waited for more than 24 hours. I was told yesterday that two days ago, on a line at another gas station that I will show on video in another post, a massive robbery took place. Heavily armed men robbed the batteries of more than 50 cars during the night (this may sound farfetched but I would not be surprised if it was this true. We have become a bizarre country). People are sleeping in their cars trying to guarantee a spot on the line, without any guarantee that the tank truck will come and provide the gas station with gasoline for all the people waiting. They are limiting already the number of liters to 20 when the average car tank holds 65.

Imagine to have to wait for 24 hours to get gas for 12 hours.

The gasoline crisis has been announced for decades given the lack of investment in new and more modern infrastructure and the null investment in alternative forms of energy. A populist mentality imposed a symbolic price on gas and the refineries, equipment and infrastructures started to become obsolete and unprofitable. Our alliances with Russia and China did nothing to stop this degrading process. No emphasis was put on technological improvements. Everything was invested on ideological crap and military and intelligence power.  

### We are just harvesting what was planted.

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**This is the beginning of the line, on Calle Vargas to put gas on the gas station located ten blocks away, on the corner of Av Perimetral and Calle Puerto Rico.**

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<sub>The line turns right on **Calle Rendón**</sub>

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<sub>Then it turns right on **Calle Blanco Fombona**</sub>

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<sub>It keeps on **Calle Blanco Fombona** for two more blocks</sub>

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<sub>Then it turns right on **Calle Miramar**</sub>

![Cola bomba Av Perimetral con calle Puerto Rico 5.JPG](

<sub>It goes to the end of Calle Miramar</sub>

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<sub>and makes a U-turn to get on **Calle Vargas** again</sub>

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<sub>It goes one more block down Calle Vargas to finally turn right on **Calle Puerto Rico**</sub>

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<sub>Finally, the gas station on the right, at the end of Calle Puerto Rico. “Funny” thing: there was not gas yet. They were waiting for the tank truck.</sub>

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