My Night is Missing a Cat…

My Night is Missing a Cat…

Dear friends, I leave for you another of my cat poems. This one has some time, but the feelings are renewed. There are days of memories and everyone processes them in their own way.
As always, I am grateful.



My night is missing a cat
Of soft gaze and slow meowing.
A warrior cat that by the paths
of the afternoon was lost in the shadow of the wind.

When forgetfulness lies in my soul,
Inevitable, deaf and quiet,
The moon will draw on its golden meniscus
The golden curve of his sleeping back.

A pause of leaf will breathe the roads
Who sang the shadow of their amber step.
And their crystalline love will carry on the back
Ashes from the time he lent us his coat.

Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.


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