Rod and Measurement. A poem

Rod and Measurement. A poem

Dear friends, in my country it’s almost Sunday. For many it is a day to praise. I don’t follow any church and I don’t have formal links with any such group, although I was raised within a relaxed Catholicism and without much doctrine, but my poetry usually has some religious resonance, so I have to admit that if my being is expressed through religious symbols, it’s because it finds values there. They are sacred values. In my life, these values have been defined and extended towards pantheism… And there has also been determined a controversial area of my vision.
Well, that’s as far as I go.
I am grateful to you, as always.



We give thanks, Lord,
By the rod and the measure.

We beg you,
We prostrate ourselves,
We open our flesh,
We got lacerated.

We praise you.

Because we were made
Tongue and blood.

Because we were made
To love.

Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.


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