Shoes Woven dancers / first phase. 🌼

Shoes Woven dancers / first phase. 🌼


    ***Beautiful things don’t necessarily have to be big and ostentatious, the most beautiful details are those that make you fall in love, make you feel good and make you happy.***

# ***Life is built on small moments of happiness.***

    ***Today I want to show you something so small in size but big in beauty, when I started them I didn’t think they were going to be so beautiful; I don’t stop seeing them, I have them in my room as if they were a decorative detail, and every time I see them they bring out a smile and I ask you, wouldn’t you like to smile more often? well, while I give them to their little owner I’m going to leave them there***

# ***Materials***

    ***This week I was a little busy knitting some things for a client, who is going to be a grandmother for the first time and she asked me to knit several things for her granddaughter, the first thing she asked me was a model of dancing shoes that comes out a lot on the internet, but I had never risked to knit.***


    ***I used baby spider wool and a 2,5 mm needle, the difficult thing was to get this pattern, since you don’t get it on the web so easily, but for my big fortune I found it in a video of ( I leave you the link so you can see how it is.***

***As you can see it’s in English, you may wonder if I understood English perfectly, for “I don’t” understand anything. What I did was repeat once and a thousand times the video and I was taking out the pattern and copying in my notebook until I finally understood it.***

# ***Practicing and practicing until the target group reaches***

***That’s right, friends, I practiced a lot, until I finally got the pattern, I wanted a size that would fit the newborn baby and after a while I made it.***

* ***We begin with 16 chains, to continue the first round we make a low point in the second chain and from there we count 12 low points, when I have 3 chains left to finish we make a half point, in which follows 2 half points and in the last we will weave 5 m/p.***
* ***We should mark half right here in the middle of these 5 m/p.***
* ***We return in the same way as we arrived, we weave 2 m / p, 1m / p and continue with low points to finish this round, only that in the last low point we do an increase of 2 p / b, and continue to the second round without closing points or any of that.***

* ***We continue doing a low point of the previous lap with another low point and I continue doing p/b until I have 4 p/b of the previous unfinished lap, here I will do in the following way, an increase of 2 p/b, which follows 1p/b, in the next increase and to finish right in the middle I do 1 p/b and put the hook back to mark.***
***I return in the same way 2 p/b, 1p/b, “p/b, then 13 low points until it reaches almost the end, in the 2 low points that are missing ´por finish I make 2 increases. (2p/b at each base point).***

* ***In the last lap of the sole, I ride with a p/b in the base point of the previous lap, and I do 15 low points, when I have 4p/b left to reach just half, I do 2 p/b in the same place, which continues I do 1pb, 2pb, 1 pb, and I remove the hook to elaborate 3 low points in the same place (without stopping to mark the half) I turn in the same way that we arrive at the half, that is to say, 1pb, 2pb, 2pb, continuous with 15 low points and when I lack 2 to finish I make increases of low points, I close the turn with a final point.***

    ***For now I’m just going to show you the development of the shoe up to here, up to the sole, because as you can see the post is very long and the shoe has an intermediate difficulty level, so will come a second part, suddenly to show you the cute princess with her shoe on.***

>## ***[Difficulty levels for crochet](***

>***Beginner level of difficulty***.
>These projects are for first-time crochet holders and use basic points. Requires a minimum level to shape the project.
>***Easy Difficulty Level***
>These projects use basic points, repetitive point patterns, simple color changes, and a simple level for shaping and finishing.
>***Intermediate Difficulty Level***
>These projects use a variety of techniques such as openwork patterns or color change patterns, as well as a medium level for shaping and finishing.
>***Level of difficulty experienced***.
>These projects have intricate patterns, techniques and dimensions, e.g., non-repetitive patterns, multicolored techniques, fine yarns, small crochets; and a level that requires more detail to shape, as well as refined finishes.

![WhatsApp Image 2019-06-18 at 9.10.08 PM.jpeg](

    ***I hope you liked my project today, which I did with much love for my client, for her granddaughter and for all lovers of crochet and beautiful things in @Steemit, until the next smile friends.***

The greatest and most beautiful things in life grow slowly and quietly.

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Images taken with my Hyundai e501 cellular camera

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