His worst madness (Two hundred words story)

His worst madness (Two hundred words story)


Take a deep breath.

It’s the hardest decision you’ve ever made in your life.

He closes his eyes and before the expectant gaze of some people he throws himself off the bridge.

He feels his body as attracted by a magnet rushes to the ground.

A deep vertigo drills his stomach, his breathing becomes choppy, his heart marches to the rhythm of a derailed train and his brain suffers for seconds from a neuronal short circuit before the extreme of the situation.

It’s as if the survival alarm emitted a dull buzzing sound invading your entire body with adrenaline.

For a few seconds he opens his eyes and fear invades him before the imminence of the blow that will be given against the pavement.

Suddenly, as if the air possessed an invisible hand, he feels that it is thrown in reverse upwards, the sensations are repeated.

Fear, disabled by emotion, gives him a strange sensation that in seconds turns into euphoria.

After small aftershocks of going up and down, everything is still.

It is a few meters away from the asphalt that seems to look at it disillusioned.

Without a doubt, the jumping bungee has been his worst madness and he will not repeat it for the rest of his existence.

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