Verses to love you. A very short poem

Verses to love you. A very short poem

Here is a very short poem, born of the night, to sing to those who accompany me when dreams mute.
I am grateful.

Illustration by me (fragment)

Verses to love you

Verses to love you
Silver moon, my moon,
Eye of sky lit
Pearl of “not forgetting you”,
Gateway to my fortune.

Moon, foam song,
Sleep nest-cooing
Enchanted kiss of “Love!”
and “I don’t forget you”.

Slight feather song,
Peak of trill and brightness.
Silver Moon,
murmur of water and shadow,
bird’s joy in my earring.

Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.
Soy miembro de @EquipoCardumen.
Soy miembro de @TalentClub.


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